TOEIC Practice Exams1 (Answer)


 24.(B) This explains the season for not coming to lunch. Choice (A) ilar sounding words lunch and punch. Choice (C) associates  restaurant.สล็อต ออนไลน์

25.(A) Paper and envelopes are what the speaker needs from the store (B)confuses similar-sounding words store and four. Choice (C) assoc with sbopping.

26.(A) The phrase in my desk drawer answers the question Where? associates pens with ink. Choice (C) repeats the word pen.

27. (C) The mention of rain prompts the second speaker to suggest an umbrella. Choice (A) confuses similar-sounding words might and night and repeats the word soon. Choice (B) confuses similar-sounding words rain and train and soon and noon.

28. (B) This describes the coat. Choices (A) and (C) repeat the word coat.สล็อต ออนไลน์

29. (B) This is a logical response to a complaint about a warm room. Choice (A) confuses similar-sounding words warm and warn. Choice (C) confuses the meaning of the word room.

30. (A) This tells where, or how close, the subway station is. Choice (B) confuses similar-sounding words close and clothes. Choice (C) repeats the word station.

31. (C) This answers the question Where? Choice (A) confuses newspaper with the similar-sounding words new paper. Choice (B) associates newspaper with read.

32. (B) Tennis answers the question about a favorite sport. Choice (A) confuses similar-sounding words sport and port. Choice (C) confuses similar-sounding words favorite and favor.

33. (B) The first speaker liked the movie and the second speaker agrees. Choice (A) confuses the related words interesting and interested and repeats the word movies. Choice (C) confuses similar-sounding words movie and moving.

34.(A) On your desk answers the question Where? Choice (B) associates package with mail. Choice (C) confuses similar-sounding words package สล็อต ออนไลน์

and packed.

35. (A) This explains why the speaker wasn't at the workshop. Choice (B) confuses the compound word worksbop with the two separate words work and shop. Choice (C) repeats the word Friday.

36. (C) The whole staff answers the question Who? Choice (A) confuses similar- sounding words meeting and greeting. Choice (B) repeats the word meeting.

37. (A) Because the first speaker is hungry, the second speaker suggests lunch. Choice (B) confuses bungry with the similar-sounding word angry. Choice (C) confuses bungry with the similar-sounding word hurry.

38. (B) This answers the question Where? Choice (A) confuses similar-sounding words live and leave. Choice (C) confuses similar-sounding words live and give.

39.(B)This afternoon answers the question When2 Choice (A) would answer the stion How many? Choice(C) repeats the words  

40.(B) The second speaker doesn't need more paper because there ough.Choice (A) repeats the word paper. Choice (C) associates pa write.



41. (D) The woman says that the meeting is at 10:00 and the man says he will arrive 15 minutes late. Choice (A) and (B) confuse time with the similar-sound- ing number nine. Choice (C) is the time the meeting will begin.

42. (B)  The woman says she wants to explain the situation, which is the delayed paychecks.Choice A) uses the word checkout of context and confuses accounts with accounting department. Choice (C) repeats the word pay. Choice (D) repeats the phrase next week.

43. (C) The man says I can't pretend not to be annoyed about it, which means that he is annoyed.Choice (A) confuses bappen with the similar-sounding word happy. Choice (B) confuses bad with the similar-sounding word sad. Choice (D) confuses before with the similar-sounding word bored.

44. (B) The woman asks how long the flight will last, so she has to be on an air- plane. Choice (A) associates restaurant with food. Choices (C) and (D) are both associated with ticket.

45. (A)  The man says that it is a cloudless, meaning clear, day. Choice (B) confuses cloudless with cloudy. Choice (C) confuses window with the similar-sounding word windy. Choice (D) confuses know with the similar-sounding word snow.

46. (B) The man says that food will be served in balf an bour. Choice (A) is the row number of the woman's seat. Choice (C) confuses half an hour with an hour. Choice (D) is confused with the time the plane will arrive at its destina- tion.

47. (A) The woman asks the man to help her move a desk. Choice (B) repeats the word window. Choice (C) confuses room with the similar-sounding word broom. Choice (D) confuses table with the similar-sounding word able.

48.(D) The man explains that he hurt his back and can't lift heavy things. Choice (A) is where Samantha is. Choice (B) confuses wait with the similar-sounding word late. Choice (C) repeats the word work.

49. (C)  The woman decides to wait until tomorrow when she can have Samantha help her. Choice (A) confuses the word then with the similar-sounding number ten. Choice (B) is when Samantha is at a workshop. Choice (D) is not mentioned.